Close Test 01 For Bank

Close Test 01 For Bank

Quiz For Bank Close Test

Export and import …..(1)….businesses get …..(2)….depending on weather the rupee is appreciating or depreciating……(3)……the US dollar. When the rupee appreciates, it is goods news for importers as a strong currency…..(4)….down their import cost.
This is …..(5)….negative for exporters as their forex revenue will…(6)…..a hit. Similarly, when the ruipee depreciates, forex revenue for exporters shoots up while on the other …..(7)….the expenses go up for importers.
Among the BSE 500 compaines, IT and software, Pharmaceuticals and automobiles are the major sectors that have higher forex earning rupee….(9)….they benefits from a week repee. Similiarly, Companies from sectors such as oil and gas, metals, etc come under…..(10)…when the rupee depreciates as these are import oriented sectors.

01.   (a) associated
        (b) complex
        (c) together
        (d) seperate
        (e) effective

02.   (a) effective
        (b) impacted
        (c) boost
        (d) derailed
        (e) started

03.   (a) for
        (b) in
        (c) by
        (d) against
        (e) over

04.   (a) take
        (b) level
        (c) look
        (d) make
        (e) brings

05.   (a) however
        (b) maximum
        (c) when
        (d) later
        (e) how

06.   (a) receive
        (b) get
        (c) take
        (d) brings
        (c) creat

07.   (a) part
        (b) form
        (c) sector
        (d) hand
        (e) route

08.   (a) hurt
        (b) afflicted
        (c) aid
        (d) curved
        (e) remedy

09.  (a) previously
       (b) while
       (c) there
       (d) never
       (e) there

10.  (a) thrust
       (b) drag
       (c) heat
       (d) power
       (e) pressure

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