Close Test 05 For Banks Exams and other

Close Test 05 For Banks Exams and other

Close Test 05

However in recent years, Japan’s growth has …..(1)….and the recent earthquake and tsunami have…(2)….devastated the country. As their nation….(3)….to cope with the disaster, its youth are ….(4)…to meet the challenges. Many young japanese have become….(5)….not only contributing essential items and money,…..(6)….also co-ordinating rescue efforts. Few people….(7)….that Japan’s young people would bring about its….(8)….after all nearly one in ten youth were unemployed, many …..(9)….only part time and young people were only supposed to have ….(10)….on their minds. Often it takes a huge cirsis to make a society change to achieve its potential.
01.  (a) stop                       (b) decrease
       (c) drop                      (d) take
       (e) declined
02.  (a) too                        (b) also
       (c) not                        (d) caused
       (e) complete
03.  (a) completes            (b) efforts
       (c) need                     (d)struggling
       (e) tries
04.  (a) together               (b) started
       (c) rising                   (d) co-operative
       (e) failing
05.  (a) knowledgeable    (b) heroe
       (c) volunteer             (d) powerful
       (e) jobless
06.  (a) without               (b) even
       (c) instead                (d) but
       (e) besides
07.  (a) thought               (b) dream
       (c) realise                 (d) know
       (e) perceived
08.  (a) changes               (b) downfall
       (c)  renewal              (d) reforms
       (e) hire
09.  (a) worked               (b) earnings
       (c) employees          (d) wages
       (d) hire
10.  (a) business             (b) troubles
       (c) fun                     (c) responsibility
       (e) worrys
 1 (e)
2 (b)
3 (e)
4 (c)
5 (c)
6 (d)
7 (a)
8 (c)
9 (c)
10 (d)


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