SSC/ Bank Fillar 01

SSC/ Bank Fillar 01

01    I.  He has now become a …….. to reckon with.
       II. it is better not to use… prove one’s point.

       (a) model
       (b) force
       (c) coercion
       (d) name
       (e) influence

02.  I.     He tried his….best to score distinction in this exam.
       II.   It pays to keep ……head in am emergency

        (a) cool
        (b) utmost
        (c) very
        (d) possible
        (e) level

03.   I.    The system is working with … getting things done.
       II.   ……..must be commanded and not demanded

       (a) status
       (b) relation
       (c) attitude
       (d) respect
       (e) honor

04.  I.     There is a complaint against  him  that  he …..the  mistakes of his juniors.
      II. A good thing about his house is that it……..the sea.

      (a) ignores
      (b) promotes
      (c) examines
      (d) overlooks
      (e) faces

05. I.   Out of the total loans……by the  bank, the largest share was for infrastructure.
     II.    the tree are…..throughout the area.

     (a) disbursed
     (b) covered
     (c) distributed
     (d) spanned
     (e) extended

06. The special court was…..without having reached any decision on the case.

      (a) adjourned
      (b) dispersed
      (c) postponed
      (d) recessed


07.. Siddhartha…..his wife and children, and left for the mountains.

       (a) renounced
       (b) deserted
       (c) neglected
       (d) relinquished

08.. The combination of high IQ and general knowledge makes it easier to…..these skills
         (a) have
         (b) acquire
         (c) procure
         (d) get

09. Please be patient, all your grievances will be…….
       (a) settled
       (b) satisfied
       (c) solved
       (d) attended

10.   It’s doesn’t look like you’re all that…… singing either.

       (a) ignorance
       (b) skilled
       (c) adept


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