The Hindu Vocabulary Updates : 10 May 2020


The words of The Hindu become more important if you want to take any job in SSC, banking sector, if you want to get good marks in English sections, then the word of The Hindu plays an important role for that. Here we can read the Vocabulary posted on 10th May 2020 and can also practice its quiz.


Sunday, 10 May 2020 The Hindu Vocabulary

●The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams.

  1. REVEL (VERB): (आनंद लेना):  celebrate
    Synonyms: make merry, party
    Antonyms: mourn
    Example Sentence: They spent the evening revelling with their guests.
  2. CONTRACTION (NOUN): (संकुचन): tightening
    Synonyms: tensing, flexing
    Antonyms: relaxation
    Example Sentence: Neurons control the contraction of muscles.
  3. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE): (अमंगल): threatening
    Synonyms: menacing, baleful
    Antonyms: auspicious
    Example Sentence: There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.
  4. GENEROSITY (NOUN): (उदारता): liberality
    Synonyms: magnanimity
    Antonyms: meanness
    Example Sentence: I was overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and neighbours.
  5. ENSUING (ADJECTIVE): (आगामी): subsequent
    Synonyms: following, succeeding
    Antonyms: previous
    Example Sentence: The theory was developed subsequent to the earthquake of 1906.
  6. ASSAULT (NOUN): (हमला): attack
    Synonyms: strike, onslaught
    Antonyms: defense
    Example Sentence: Troops began an assault on the city.
  7. SURGE (NOUN): (वृद्धि): rise
    Synonyms: growth, upswing
    Antonyms: deflate
    Example Sentence: The firm predicted a 20% surge in sales.
  8. REVAMP (VERB): (सुधार करना): renovate
    Synonyms: redecorate, refurbish
    Antonyms: damage
    Example Sentence: An attempt was made to revamp the museum’s image.
  9. NEGLIGIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (नगण्य):  trivial
    Synonyms: trifling, insignificant
    Antonyms: significant
    Example Sentence: He said that the risks were negligible.
  10. PROSPECT (NOUN): (संभावना): view
    Synonyms: vista, perspective
    Antonyms: viewlessness
    Example Sentence: A viewpoint commanding a magnificent prospect of the estuary.

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