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Practice Set “Hardly” , “Scarcely”

  1. 1. Hardly i stepped (a) / out of my house when (b) / I saw some policemen (c) / coming towards my house (d)/ no error (e)
  2. Scarcely had (a) / he gone (b)/ when a policemen (c) / knocked at the door (d) / no error (e)
  3. Hardly had(a) / begun to eat (b)/ than my father (c)/ along with my brother arrived (d)/ no error
  4. Hardly had(a) / entered the airport  (b)/than l met  (c)my cousin tilak. (d)/No error. (e)
  5. Scarcely had we (a)/ alighted from the train (b)/than it began (c)/to rain cats and dogs.(d)/No error.(e)
  6. We had hardly reached (a)/the station than(b)/the train started.(c)/No error.(d)/
  7. Hardly has our friend (a)/begun to enquire about.(b)/her hour old call that.(c)/the phone was banged down.(d)/No error.(e)
  8. Hardly he had arrived (a)/ when the house caught fire (b)/and everything was reduced to ashes.(c)/No error.(d)
  9. Hardly had (a)/i left the house (b)/then it began (c)/to rain.(d)/No error.(e)/
  10. Hardly hed l (a)/reached the airport when. (b)/i learnt about.(c)/the powerful bomb explosion.(d)/ No error.(e)
  11. Hardly had he.(a)/threw the ball.(b)/when it fell (c)/no the ground.(d) /No error.(e)/
  12. scarcely he had (a)/gone a few steps (b)/ when his brother called him back.(c)/No error.(d)/
  13. scarcely had (a)/i arrived than (b)/the train left.(c)/No error.(d)/
  14. Scarcely we had finished observing this (a)/when we were surprised by about a dozen of the old birds (b)/jumping in the most unsale and funny manner towards the sea. (c)/ No error,(d)
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  16. Had i realised (a)/that it was such a long way (b)/ l would take a taxi. (c)/ No error.(d)/
  17. If you would  have (a)/gone to his autograph. (d)/ before to am,you would have (c)/got his autograph.(d)/No error.(e)/
  18. If he went to Agra, (a)/he would see (b)/The Tajmahal.(c)/No error.(d)/
  19. If he is a millionaire (a)/the would help (b)/the millennium project.(c)/No error. (d)/
  20. Even if you are a film star . (a)/l would not care (b)/for you. (c)/No error./(d)/
  21. If were him (a)/ l would not accept (b)/ this project (c)/No error.(d)/
  22. Hardly had we (a)begum to eat (b)/than my father (c)/ along with my brother 



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