Set practices of Tense series 02 and 01 both

1. I am sorry, but I don’t believe  what you say.
(a) I am not believing
(b) I am not believing
(c) I will not be believing
(d) No improvement

2. Our customers are always visit (a) /our branches to (b)/ discuss their problems (c) /with out staff.        /(d) no error
3. every day, we usually had lunch at 1:30 p.m
     (a) we have had usually
     (b) we have usually
     (c) we usually have
     (d) no improvement
4. A high school students is not even understanding the basics of chemistry and physics
     (a) does not understand even
     (b) was not even understanding
     (c) has even not understood
     (d) No improvement
5. He is going everyday (a)/ for a morning walk (b)/ with his friends and neighbours. (c)/ no error (d)
6. Madhuri Dixit is having (a)/ a large (b)/ fan following (c)/ no error (d)
7. I am thinking (a)/ you were aware (b)/ of he rules and regulation (c)/ before joining (d)/ no error(e
8. she is loving chocolate ice cream.
    (a) has loving
    (b) has beenm loved
    (c) loves
    (d) no improvement
9. The rules of chess require that one made only one move at a time
    (a) makes
    (b) will make
    (c) make
    (d) np improvement
10.It has always been better to use preventive measure than to cure illness.
     (a) had always been
     (b) is always
     (c) was always
     (d) no improvement
11. It has always been advisable to refrain from smoking
      (a) had always been
      (b) was always
      (c) would have always be
      (d) is always
12. Usually we never go to school on sunday.
      (a) are not going
      (b) can’t go
      (c) do not go
      (d) no improvement
13. The saint said that men are mortal.
      (a) said that men is mortal
      (b) advised men are mortal
      (c) said that men were mortal
      (d) no improvement
14. Cricket has become so (a)/ popular that even elderly (b)/ people are discussing (c)/ the game                when they meet.(d) no error (e)
15. It has been (a)/ to put your money in a bank (b)/ than to keep it under (c) no error (d)
16. the telephone number is not existing.


      (a) doesn’t exist
      (b) wasn’t existing
      (c) is not in existance
      (d) np improvement
20. He is usually taking sugar in a tea.
      (a) usually takes sugar
      (b) usually took sugar
      (c) usually never takes sugar
      (d) no improvement
21. The sun is shining in the sky by day.
      (a) shine
      (b) was shining
      (c) shines
      (d) no improvement
22. Ramesh is smiling (a)/ when he remembers his hard early years (b) and his long road to success.          (c)/ no error (d)
23.I am having two sisters.
      (a) had
      (b) have had
      (c) has had
      (d) have
      (e) no improvement
24. Some people(a)/ are believing(b)/ that women cannot (c)/ complete with men (d) no error (e)


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