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RRB NTPC Exam Phase 1, 2, 3 All 76 Shift Gk pdf [28th Dec. 2020 to 13 feb. 2021 ]

RRB NTPC Exam Phase 1, 2, 3 All 76 Shift Gk pdf [28th Dec. 2020 to 13 feb. 2021 ]

RRB NTPC Exam Date 2020-21: The Railway Recruitment Board has released a revised notification on RRB NTPC exan date for phase 4 of CBT 1. As per the notification RRB CBT 1 Phase 4 exam will be conducted on February 15, 16, 17, 27 and March 1, 2, 3. The link to view exam city & date and downloading of traveling authority for ST/SC candidates have been made available on February 5. However, RRB has added an additional date for Phase 4 exam on February 22. The link to view exam city & date and downloading of travelling authority for SC/ST will be released on February 11 at 5 P.M. for candidates whose exam is scheduled on February 22, 2021.

Earlier RRB released the NTPC 4th phase exam date of CBT 1 on February 4. The RRB NTPC phase 4 exam of CBT 1 is scheduled to be conducted from February 15 to March 03 for 15 lakh candidates. This year around 1.25 crore candidates have applied for the RRB NTPC exam. Due to COVID 19 mandatory social distancing requirements and large number of candidates appearing for the exam, CBT 1 is being conducted in multiple phase.

RRB NTPC Exam Date 2020-21

RRB NTPC exam is being conducted in multiple phases and it will continue till March 2021 for all the eligible applicants. For now, let’ go through the RRB NTPC exam time for the ongoing & upcoming exams.

RRB NTPC Exam Dates 2020-21

Events Important Dates
Release of RRB NTPC Notification March 1, 2019
Beginning of RRB NTPC application form fillup March 1, 2019
Last date for filling the RRB NTPC application form March 31, 2019
Last date for payment of RRB NTPC application fee April 12, 2019
Declaration of RRB NTPC result 2020 (CBT 1) To Be Notified
Display of RRB NTPC cut off To Be Notified

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RRB NTPC Exam Date 2020-21: CBT 1

RRB NTPC exam for CBT 1 will be conducted till March 2021 in multiple phases.

RRB NTPC Phase 4 Exam Date 2020-2021

Events Date
Phase 4 / CBT 1 Exam City and TA February 05, 2021
Phase 4 / CBT 1 Admit Card February 11, 2021
Phase 4 / CBT 1 Exam Start Date February 15, 2021
Phase 4 / CBT 1 Exam End Date March 03, 2021

RRB NTPC Phase 3 Exam Date 2020-2021

Events Date
Phase 3 / CBT 1 Exam City and TA January 21, 2021
Phase 3 / CBT 1 Admit Card January 27, 2021
Phase 3 / CBT 1 Exam Start Date January 31, 2021
Phase 3 / CBT 1 Exam End Date February 12, 2021

RRB NTPC Phase 2 Exam Date 2020-2021

Events Date
Phase 2 / CBT 1 Exam City and TA January 2, 2021
Phase 2 / CBT 1 Admit Card January 12, 2021
Phase 2/ CBT 1 Exam Start Date January 16, 2021
Phase 2/ CBT 1 Exam End Date January 30, 2021

RRB NTPC Phase 1 Exam Date 2020-21

Events Date
Phase 1 / CBT 1 Exam City and TA December 18, 2020
Phase 1 / CBT 1 Admit Card December 23, 2020
Phase 1 / CBT 1 Exam Start Date December 28, 2020
Phase 1 / CBT 1 Exam End Date January 13, 2021

RRB NTPC 4th Phase Exam Date of CBT 1

Candidates can check the notification released for RRB NTPC Phase 4 exam date 2021 below:

RRB NTPC Exam Phase 1, 2, 3 All 76 Shift Gk pdf [28th Dec. 2020 to 13 feb. 2021 ]

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 11th Feb 2021

Kalbelia is the Folk Dance of which Indian State?

Answer: Rajasthan

First Indian Woman Member of International Olympic Committee:

Answer: Nita Ambani

Subsidiary Alliance was framed by:

Answer: Lord Wellesley

Jallikattu Festival is from which State of India?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Mughal Emperor who granted the Diwani of Bengal, Bihar & Orissa to the East India Company:


Answer: Shah Alam II

National Testing Agency (NTA) was founded in:

Answer: November 2017

18th Asian Games held in:

Answer: Jakarta – Palembang

Forbes Highest Paid Female Athlete 2020:

Answer: Naomi Osaka

Active Volcano in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Answer: Barren Island

Interim Finance Minister in 2019

Answer: Piyush Goyal

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 10th Feb 2021

First Livestock Census in India was conducted in which year?

Answer: The Livestock Census in the country started in the year 1919-1920.

Who was IPL 2020 most valuable player?

Answer: Jofra Archer

First Viceroy of India:

Answer: Lord Canning

Writer of the the Book – ‘The End of Imagination’:

Answer: Arundhati Roy

Baneshwar fair is conducted in:


Answer: Dungarpur district in Rajasthan state of India

Which river passes through the mountains of Mahabaleshwar?

Answer: Krishna River

Headquarters of HDFC Bank:

Answer: Mumbai, Maharashtra

The name of Neil Island has been changed to:

Answer: Shaheed Island

Indian Bank has been merged with which bank?

Answer: Allahabad Bank

President Election is part of which article of Indian Constitution?

Answer: Article 54

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 9th Feb 2021

How many teams had participated in IPL 2020?

Answer: 8

How many moons does Planet Mars have?

Answer: 2 – Phobos and Deimos

Mollem National Park is in:

Answer: Goa

Establishment year of DRDO:

Answer: 1958

Queen of Arabian Sea:


Answer: Kochi (Cochin)

ONGC Headquarter:

Answer: Delhi

When was the Constitution of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: 26th November 1949

Which country has the longest handwritten Constitution?

Answer: India

UNSC’s number of permanent members:

Answer: 5 – The UNSC has 15 member and five of them — US, UK, Russia, China and France — are permanent members, who have veto rights.

Kita-bul-Hind author:

Answer: Alberuni is the author of Kitab-ul-Hind


Joint Session of Parliament comes under which article:

Answer: Article 108

Full form of PDF:

Answer: Portable Document Format

Majuli Island is on which river?

Answer: Bramhaputra River

R.K. Laxman is related to which field:

Answer: Indian cartoonist, illustrator, and humorist


Who discovered India?

Answer: Vasco De Gama

In the suffix, it includes “-all” is from which group?

Answer: Aldehyde

Vikramshila University was established by:

Answer: Pala Emperor Dharmapala

Brahmos was made by which two countries?

Answer: India and Russia

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 8th Feb 2021

Who has recently resigned from WTO as its Chief?

Answer: Robert Azevedo

Silk is generated from:

Answer: Cocoon (Silk Worm)

First Chairman of ISRO:

Answer: Vikram Sarabhai’

Full form of FTTP:

Answer: Fiber to the premises

Ignited Minds Author Name:

Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Meghaduta is written by whom:

Answer: Kalidasa


One question related to Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

One question related to GST

One question where Movements were given and to be Arrange in chronological order

Red data book contains which species?

Answer: Endangered Species

One question related to Vidhansabha

South Africa’s Lanlocked Country:

Answer: Lesotho is also the southernmost landlocked country in the world and is entirely surrounded by South Africa.

UN Day for clean air:

Answer: 7th September

Who Scheme gives 100 days employment guarantee?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA)

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 5th Feb 2021

First Five Year Plan:

Answer: The first five-year plan in India was launched in 1951.

The main focus in the 11th Five Year Plan:

Answer: The Eleventh Five Year Plan aims to achieve improved quality of life for the citizens of the state and contribute to the larger national goals of socio-economic development.

Height of K2 Mountain:

Answer: 8,611 meters

Who gave Mahatma title to Gandhi ji?


Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Last Viceroy of India:

Answer: Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of British India

Mudumalai National Park is in:

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Who is appointed as President of PTI?

Answer: Aveek Sarkar

Chemical formula of laughing gas:

Answer: N2O

Harappa civilization was discovered by:

Answer: Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni

Who founded World Wide Web?

Answer: Tim Berners-Lee

UNESCO Headquarter:

Answer: Paris, France

Who provides the link between hardware and operator?

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 4th Feb 2021

CISF Foundation Year:

Answer: It was set up under an Act of the Parliament of India on 10 March 1969 with a strength of 2,800.

2016 rare dinosaur fossils were found in which state?


Answer: Gujarat

International Monetary Fund number of countries:

Answer: 190

Statue of Unity Designer Name:

Answer: Ram V. Sutar

“Coolie” Novel author name:

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

First Cotton Mill of India:

Answer: Bombay, 1854

Muslim League foundation year:

Answer: 1906

Indian Astronomy Mission on X-ray, optical UV spectral bands. Name of the mission?

Answer: AstroSat

Mizo National Front founder name:

Answer: Laldenga

In a country, 20 boys were trapped in a cave. Which country was that?

Answer: Thailand

RRB NTPC 2021 Phase-4 GA/ GK/ Current Affairs Questions – 3rd Feb 2021

Mohiniyattam Dance form belongs to which Indian State?

Answer: Kerala


Passage to India Author:

Answer: Edward Morgan Forster

The little Balance Book Author:

Answer: Galileo Galilei

Right to equality is in which article?

Answer: Article 14 to Article 18

What is Bengal Gazette?

Answer: First English Language Newspaper of India

How many blue flag certificates have been awarded to Beaches in India?

Answer: Eight

Goa CM 2018:

Answer: Manohar Parikkar

The first Battle of Panipat:

Answer: 1526 – The First Battle of Panipat was fought between the forces of Babur and Ibrahim Lodi on 21 April 1526.

Who established the East India Society?

Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

Quit India Movement started in?

Answer: August 1942

UNESCO’s Director General:

Answer: Audrey Azoulay


First RBI Governor:

Answer:  Sir Osborne Smith

First Nuclear test in Pokhran:

Answer: Smiling Buddha (1974)

NGT establishment year:

Answer: 2010

National Skill Development Program started on:

Answer: 15 July 2015

Current Chief Election Commissioner of India:

Answer: Sunil Arora

After Dandi March which movement was started?

Answer: Civil disobedience movement – Salt Satyagraha

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