[SSC English Grammar] Common Error Practice Set 01 For SSC / Bank / CDS/ NDA


Commons Error Practice Set For SSC / Bank 

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  1. (a) Unless two or more (b) to him joining the club, we shall have accept his application for to/ (c) membership./ (d) No error.

4.(a) I was surprised and pleased (b)/ when was informed of me (c) winning the contest./ (d) No error.

3. (a) Our dog may look/ (b) fierce but/ (c) that wouldn’t hurt a fly./ (d) No error.

  1. (a) No one can/ (b) challenge destiny,/ (c)isn’t it?/ (d) No error.
  2. (a) All the doubts are cleared/ (b) between/ (c) you and I./ (d) No error.
  3. (a) The front page story was about a school girl/ (b) that had hurt herself/ (c) while saving a child in an accident./ (d) No error.
  4. (a) The last thing that the fond mother/ (b) gave her only son/ (c) was his blessing./ (d) No error.
  5. (a) It is not/ (b) I who is/ (c) to blame./ (d) No error.
  6. (a) I shall avail of/ (b) this opportunity/ (c) to meet you there./ (d) No error.
  7. (a) Put you in my position/ (b) and you will realise) (c) the problems faced in my profession./ (d) No error.
  8. (a) Each of them/ (b) has to understand/ (c) their responsibility (d) No error
  9. (a) We are proud to announce/ (b) that everyone of us have earned/ (c) a good name./ (d) No error.
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  11. (a) Here is/ (b) the man whom I think/ (c) has committed the crime./ (d) No error.
  12. (a) He took/ (b) his younger sister/ (c) with himself./ (d) No error.
  13. (a) The company is in debt/ (b) and has been unable/ (c) to pay their employees’ salaries/ (d) for the past six months./ (e) No error.
  14. (a) The company has appointed/ (b) consultants to help them/ (c) increase its revenue and/ (d) improve its financial position./ (e) No error.
  15. (a) You cannot change/ (b) people, but you/ (c) can definitely/ (d) change own./ (e) No error.
  16. (a) Governments and business houses must reduce/ (b) its own energy use/ (c) and promote conservation/ (d) to their citizens and employees./ (e) No error.
  17. (a) Even those which] (b) have no previous/ (c) work experience have/ (d) applied for this job./ (e) No error.
  18. (a) He talked on the phone/ (b) for hours together/ (c) who really irritated/ (d) his parents a lot./ (e) No error.

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